FireMaster Rigid Enclosure Systems

Custom designed metal enclosure systems protecting and insulating process equipment in jet fire environments.

FireMaster® Rigid Enclosure Systems (RES) provide effective jet protection for valves, flanges and actuators with low critical temperatures for up to 60 minutes. Fast and easy to install, and simple to remove when necessary they represent a high performance, cost effective fire protection solution.

FireMaster® RES is made up of a metal enclosure with internal fire insulation and a stainless-steel outer casing. Modular design enables ensures that larger size components can be easily protected, and the installation/removal process allows for straightforward inspection and maintenance.

Key features of FireMaster® RES include:

  • Weather resistant stainless-steel outer casing
  • Lightweight
  • Jet fire tested for 60 minutes to ISO 22899-1 standard

In order to ensure the protection of low temperature rated components, FireMaster® RES has shown the ability maintain a contents temperature of below 150⁰C for 60 minutes and below 80⁰C for 30 minutes in jet fire testing. This ability is enhanced by rigorously testing the joint system to ensure full encapsulation of components.

If you are interested in utilising FireMaster® RES or would like to discuss custom modular designs, please contact us today.