High Temperature Insulation Paper

We offer a wide of range of high temperature insulating fibre papers for thermal and acoustic insulation. Our paper products are manufactured with high purity fibres and optimal binder content that burns out cleanly in service. Some of our specialised applications include heat shields and air bag technology.

Our papers are the preferred choice over fibreglass, textiles, or metal. In addition, our offering includes several AES and RCF expandable papers that are ideally suited for gaskets or seals. They can offer up to 400% expansion characteristics.

The full range of paper products comprises three fibre grades:

  • Alkaline Earth Silicate Fibre (AES) bulk made from our unique low biopersistence fibre Superwool®
  • Refractory Ceramic Fibre (RCF) also known as Alumino Silicate Wool (ASW) bulk fibre made from Kaowool®
  • Polycrystalline Fibre (PCW) paper made from Alphawool® and Denka

AES (Superwool®)

Superwool® paper is resistant to chemical attack and is non-wetting to molten aluminium. It is the only low bio-persistence fibre available with a classification temperature of 1300°C (2372°F).

Superwool® fibres are exonerated and are not classified as carcinogenic by IARC or under any national regulations on a global basis. They have no requirements for warning labels under GHS (Globally Harmonised System for the classification and labelling of chemicals). In Europe, Superwool® fibres meet the requirements specified under NOTA Q of European Directive 67/548. All Superwool® fibre products are therefore exempt from the classification and labelling regulation in Europe.


Kaowool® papers offer good resistance to tearing, high flexibility, and resistance to thermal shock. They also have very low thermal conductivity and low thermal mass. These papers are classified to 1649°C (3000°F)


Our PCW fibres are ideal for high temperature and chemically aggressive applications. These fibres are manufactured by sol-gel technology using processes specifically designed to produce fibres of defined dimensions.

Our papers that are produced with Alphawool® and Denka bulk fibres are more resistant to acid and alkaline solutions than conventional alumino-silicate fibre papers and have exceptionally good thermal insulation characteristics. They are classified to 1600°C (2912°F).

Our fibre papers provide thermal and acoustic insulation in high temperature process for specialised applications, such as:

  • Aluminium casting and fabrication
  • High temperature filtration
  • Refractory back-up for aluminium melting and holding furnaces
  • Aluminium furnace tap-out plug cover and parting agent
  • Aluminium distributor pan linings
  • Gaskets for any high temperature application
  • Back up lining for metal troughs
  • Heat shields

See our product datasheets for more information or contact us to discuss the requirements for your application.