FireMaster FireBarrier

Easy to install and offering protection at extremely high temperatures, FireMaster® FireBarrier™ products, such as our refractory cement and mortar supplies are ideally suited to varied applications and environments.

FireMaster® FireBarrier™ are cementitious fire insulation products normally installed by spraying with the following key features:

  • Excellent quality surface finish – consistent and smooth
  • Good adhesion strength
  • Made from refractory materials offering high-temperature resistance
  • Fast and easy installation – high thicknesses can be applied in one single layer and spray rebound is extremely low
  • Can be cast in-situ as well as sprayed

FireMaster® FireBarrier™ products have been used widely within the offshore and CPI industries and also the construction of tunnels. FireBarrier™ refractory cement and mortar supplies deliver excellent fire protection properties at high temperatures for extended periods of time.

FireMaster® FireBarrier™ refractory cement is easy to apply and is adhesive to most construction materials; subsequently it can be installed rapidly, helping to reduce labour costs without sacrificing the quality or capability of the final product.

FireMaster® FireBarrier™ products have been fully tested meeting all international standards so you can be sure you are installing capable fire protection in your structures.

FireMaster® FireBarrier™ 135

Developed especially for fire insulation of road and rail tunnels. Suitable for temperatures up to 1350⁰C, FireMaster® FireBarrier™ 135 resists all tunnel fire scenarios and is one of the most comprehensively fire-tested materials for RWS, HCM and similar fire curves commonly specified in this sector. Also Type Approved for A60 class fire protection of steel decks as a floating floor construction.

FireMaster® FireCrete™ products

FireMaster® FireCrete™ is a castable refractory product developed for use in fire training facilities. The material provides fire insulation to ensure the fire training building structure can withstand multiple simulated firefighting training sessions with long life time and repair requirements.

If you would like to know more about any FireMaster® FireBarrier™ products and how they could be used in your specific application, please speak to one of our advisors today.