FireMaster Microporous

The highest level of fire insulation performance within the FireMaster® range with extremely low thermal conductivity properties.

FireMaster® MP Microporous is ideal in applications where the demands for fire insulation are high but there are space and weight limitations. This is because it exhibits exceptionally low thermal conductivity, allowing for low thickness installations, saving weight and space.

The FireMaster® MP Microporous range is available in three distinctive forms, rigid boards, fabric encapsulated board and fabric enclosed flexible panel. Each delivers superior thermal insulation performance in comparison to traditional materials due to the microporous structure.

Key FireMaster® MP Microporous features include:

  • Extremely low thermal conductivity
  • Low weight and thickness
  • EU MED approved non-combustible material (flexible panel)
  • 4 product forms available
    • FireMaster MP Board
    • FireMaster MP Panel
    • FireMaster MP Shell
    • FireMaster MarineFlex

FireMaster® MP Microporous is also ideal for protecting structures that have low critical temperatures such as FRP composites where traditional fire insulation would be excessively thick. If you are interested in how FireMaster® MP Microporous fire insulation could help meet the thickness, weight and space challenges in your applications, please contact us today.