FireMaster Flexible Enclosure Systems

Our FireMaster® FlexiJet System is a flexible enclosure system which consists of a flexible jacket made of FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket.

This system is temperature resistant and features a weather resistant outer textile material making this a good choice for the fire protection of structural items such as steel pipes or structural steel against jet fires.

Our FireMaster® FlexiJet system is typically used where regulations do not require metallic enclosures to be fitted, is easy to remove and is lighter in weight than rigid enclosure systems.

Our FlexiJet system has the following features:

  • Weather resistant silicone fabric
  • Stainless steel banding at 240mm nominal centres
  • Double seam stitching with high coated steel thread
  • Overlap joint with velcro type fixing for ease of removal
  • Steel pipe or structural element

The maximum outer diameter of any tubular section that can be protected by our FlexiJet system is 500mm.

This system is tested to ISO 22899-1 standard for up to 55 minutes structural protection.

For more information on using our FireMaster® FlexiJet system in your application, contact us today.