Veneering Modules

(1) Standard
(2) Zirconia
Temperature (°C)
(1) 1260
(2) 1425
1500 & 1600 on request
Thickness (mm)
(1)& (2) 50
Other thickness on request

Dimensions (mm)

(1) & (2) 300 X 300
Other sizes on request
Density (k9/m3)
(1) & (2) 160
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) (at mean temperature of 600°C depending on density)
(1) 0.150
(2) 0.140
Application Areas (More information is available in product data sheets and application sheets)

Hot face veneering for existing furnaces, kilns and heaters where the lining is in a reasonably good condition and does not require
immediate replacement.
Veneering offers reduction in heat loss, leading to fuel savings. Further, the life of refractory lining is extended due to protection offered by ceramic fibre.