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Ceramic fibre is an asbestos free blown or spun alumino -silicate fibre made from blends of high purity alumina, and silica. A unique combination of physical and refractory properties makes this an outstanding material for use in high temperature applications. The basic fibre, which is white and non-crystalline, can be converted into a wide range of product forms to suit many different applications throughout the broad spectrum of industry particularly where hot processes are involved.

  • Energy savings solutions for your specific thermal management problems.
  • A range of options in ceramic fibre insulation product forms, dimensions, and properties.
  • Custom built modules and vacuum formed shapes.
  • A range of accessories-Metallic anchors, ceramic cup locks, mastics, and cements, to provide a total product package for your fumace linings. Advisory service on anchors selection.
  • Passive fire protection systems fo~ ducts, cables, steelstructures, marine applications, and building.
  • Heat transfer calculations and lining designs to provide cost effective furnace lining.
  • Application. engineering services to customise products to your needs.
  • Product application support and installation supervision, to ensure quality in furnace lining.
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